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Charlene Wexler is the author of Elephants In The Room, Lori, Milk and Oranges, Murder Across the Ocean, and Murder on Skid Row.

Charlene’s award-winning murder mystery Murder Across the Ocean was re-released by a new
publisher, Speaking Volumes, in August 2023.

Guy Thomas, who hosts several British websites that feature essays and short stories by Charlene, writes, “I read lots of articles and stories, but Charlene is one of only four authors who make me think: ‘I wish I could write as well as that.’” He also writes to Char, “I can appreciate the craft and clarity in your writing. Also without wanting to sound patronizing, I want to say that your Apex award is well-deserved.”

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See a live-action, Hollywood-style book trailer for Charlene’s novel Murder on Skid Row, please click here.


Char supports One Bright Star, a resource for families who have lost a child.

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