Murder Across the Ocean

Charlene Wexler’s award-winning murder mystery Murder Across the Ocean was re-released by a new publisher, Speaking Volumes, in August 2023.

Seventy-something American Lori Brill thought she’d have a pleasant, uneventful vacation in London visiting her granddaughter, Cate.

Lori’s trip started out even better than she could have imagined when she ran into Josh, her old high-school boyfriend, in line for the same flight at the airport—resulting in an unexpected night of passion in a London hotel room. Lori was all smiles as she stepped out of the shower the next morning, ready to slip back into Josh’s arms—until she saw his bloody corpse lying in the bed where they had made love only a few short hours before.

The London police naturally suspect Lori of murdering her lover, but the case becomes more complicated when it is discovered that international ladies’ man and real estate mogul Josh has swindled millions of dollars from hundreds of people—a fact that broadens the case beyond the Scotland Yard team led by Inspector Geoffrey Holmes and brings in American FBI agent Jordan Gould.

Also on the case are Lori’s granddaughter Cate and Cate’s fiancé Joseph, two London solicitors. Complicating matters are Cate’s and Jordan Gould’s growing mutual attraction as the investigation progresses; another growing mutual attraction between Lori and Inspector Holmes; and Lori’s family’s unexpected connection to Joseph’s father, Lord Roger Lunt, and to the wealthy German nobleman Baron Joseph Braun and the horror of the Holocaust.

apex15So who killed Josh? Was it Josh’s beautiful girlfriend Suzi, who unexpectedly appears in London? Was it Josh’s Chinese financial backers? Was it British mobsters, led by the evil Roland McKeifer, who kidnap Lori in an attempt to find Josh’s hidden millions? Was it Baron Braun, who summons Lori to Germany to tell her a 70-year-old secret? Was it someone whose money had been stolen or heart had been broken by Josh? Or was it someone else? Find out in Murder Across the Ocean.

For Murder Across the Ocean, Wexler won an Award of Excellence in the 2015 Apex Awards competition sponsored by the writing and journalism think tank Communications Concepts of Springfield, VA.

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– “Murder Across the Ocean delivers on mystery and suspense. I noticed the author places a premium on character, which engrosses the reader into the story. The plot is intriguing. I rate this book a five-star read!” – Tracey Lampley Book Mistress Blog
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Murder Across the Ocean: ISBN-13: 9781500439422; ISBN-10: 1500439428; Publisher: Speaking Volumes; Publish date: August 2023; Page count: 260.