Murder Across the Ocean (judges’ comments)

“Murder Across the Ocean” by Charlene Wexler jumps right in to the story and the action of this novel.  We have the murder right off the bat!  This can backfire sometimes because the reader has not established a relationship with character and might not even care if they have had this happen  But this novel is not so much about our dead victim as it is about the main character, Lori, who gets swept up in the murder and the intrigue surrounding Josh, a man who she thought she knew.

There is not only a murder, but a kidnapping, a Ponzi scheme, and the workings of the FBI and Scotland Yard.  There are relationships new and old.  The reader is taken from London to Arizona. I loved that the main character of Lori is a 70 year old woman and she handles all that is thrown at her.  The relationship between her and her niece is wonderful.

The writing was brisk and detailed enough to make the readers be able to “see” what is going on.  The characters are finely drawn and capture our interest. The story flows very well.

I would be delighted to have this book in my library.